MHWI Best Starting Armor for Master Rank!

I’m just starting out Monster Hunter World (MHW) and I’m not sure … I want to clear the story, but I still can’t assemble the equipment well … Please tell us the recommended equipment that you can easily make!

Since it’s the new spring season, we’re doing a lot of promotional campaigns, announcements, and events, so we recently started Monster Hunter World (MHW)! I wonder if there are many people.
From this time, I would like to consider a new series, equipment configuration that can be used in story capture.
I would like to update with one goal per day as my goal.

Up to Master Rank 1! Guardian α series!

Guardian α equipment is recommended up to Master Rank 1
It’s a high defense and has a lot of survival skills, so it is the best equipment for stable fighting, learning how to operate and how to fight monsters.

There are two ways to obtain

(Person who starts the game from now on)

The initial equipment item at the bottom of the character creation screen of “Hunter Creation” can be obtained with “Guardian α”

(People who already have data, who are returning)

You can get it from “Claim Add-On bonuses” by speaking to “Housekeeper” of Parico from “Your Room”.
Up to Master Rank 1 is a powerful armor that can be cleared with one Guardian α, so be sure to use it

When the master rank becomes 2!

Up to master rank ★ 1 you can fight with Guardian α equipment well, but since “defense” is low, it will soon be necessary to change to master grade equipment when it becomes ★ 2.

GreatSword,Hammer,and LongSword ★ 2 recommended equipment!


Helms: Jagras Helm α+
Chests: Bone Mail α+
Arms: Kestodon Guards α+
Waist: Beo Coil α+
Legs: Jyura Greaves β+
Decorations: Earplugs Charm Ⅲ
Skills: Earplugs5 AttackBoost4 HealthBoost3 Focus3 SpeedEating2 WaterAttack1 AffinitySliding1

The point is that you have all the skills without using any Decorations.
Because GreatSword and Hammer use many reservoirs, they are concentrated Lv3. Adopted Lv5 earplugs that can be hit with a powerful charge while roaring.
There aren’t any Decorations in the early stages yet, so let’s add your favorite skills according to the Decorations you have.

It is recommended to use Quick Sheath for GreatSword and Marathon Runner for Hammer.

Lance,Gunlance,Charge Blade★ 2 recommended equipment!

Lance and Gunlance with slow movement but good guard
For Charge Blade that use a lot of guard points (abbreviation: GP)


This is a lance equipment with a high attack power.


This is a Gunlance and Charge Blade equipped with Capacity Boost.

Without the Decorations, Guard Lv5 and Health Boost Lv3 are included.
One of the points that is difficult to attach to weapons that use many guards is “knockback when guarding”.
With Lv5, we adopted it because it can prevent it in most monsters in the early stages and can practice guarding stably.

Light Bowgun ★ 2 recommended equipment!

If you want to use a long-distance weapon for the Light Bowgun, I assumed that it will be used for the first time, and tried to make an armor configuration that makes it easy to stand around.


Earplugs are used for weapons that cannot be guarded.
The light bowgun is a weapon that moves quickly and is easy to move, but the roar can only be avoided or separated. I chose earplugs to reduce the gap and focus on Aim. (Actually I wanted to have Lv5 …)

You can change Charms depending on the monster.
If it’s a monster for which multiple hits are effective, it is a Penetration Charms, and if you want to attack with attributes, it is a stone with various attributes.
There are few armor and Decoration, and in the early stages where you can’t choose freely, we have made Charms free so that you can easily and flexibly match your equipment with monsters.

Avoidance distance to make avoidance easier.
In the early stages, I don’t know much about the size of monster attacks and when to avoid them. Therefore, so-called frame avoidance is difficult.
The avoidance distance is adopted so that it can be avoided at a certain distance.

Even if the English text is strange, I want to convey good equipment to people overseas.
With that one heart. I only study.

The next update is after tomorrow. Have fun

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